The Premier Residential Treatment Center
& Boys Ranch for Young Men – 14-17½

Ashcreek Ranch Academy is a ranch for boys where boys become young men.  Our unique horsemanship and ranching environment teaches the value of hard work, respect, and accountability, while our residential setting feels like home—warm, friendly, and inviting.  Every part of our ranch for troubled youth is designed specifically for young men.  From our approach in therapy, to the classroom, to the daily schedule everything we do was developed to meet the emotional and behavioral needs of struggling teen boys.

Boys Residential Treatment Center

A Typical Student Profile

Ashcreek Ranch Academy for Boys is a ranch for troubled youth ages 14 – 17 1/2 with the inability to function in the home environment and have issues with one or more of the following: ADD/ADHD, Depression, Anger Management, Substance Use or Abuse, Academic Problems, Parent/Child Conflicts, Low Self-esteem, School failure, Stealing, Lying, Avoidance Behavior, Oppositionality or Addictive issues – drugs, alcohol, pornography, virtual social networking, gaming, etc.

The Difference Between Ashcreek
& Any Other Ranch For Troubled Youth

Many residential treatment centers for struggling or trouranch for troubled youthbled teens are designed for both adolescent boys and girls. We find this design problematic. Honestly, there is a vast difference between the emotional and physical needs of adolescent young men when compared to those of young women. Our unique focus on young men and the exceptional setting of our ranch for troubled youth offer better outcomes. Students return healthier, happier, and ready to thrive and succeed. Learn more about our program.

Sources: Your Little Professor 

“…At Ashcreek Ranch Academy we know how to make a difference in the lives of struggling young men. ARA’s approach starts with the understanding that reversal of destructive lifestyle choices is possible with the right tools and knowledge. We believe that each ARA student can learn to make new choices and find a happy, healthy and meaningful life….”

Outdoor Adventure – Part of the Therapeutic Experience

Comments From Our Parents..

"Ashcreek worked with our family through some of our challenges. They were always willing to listen and accommodate to meet our needs. The program was a great transition for my son from wilderness and provided the structure for him to be able to return home."

Justyn M. - Ashcreek Ranch Academy Parent

"We thoroughly researched a number of options available for our son before placing him in Ashcreek Ranch Academy. We were fairly convinced the ‘home’ atmosphere and the equine therapy were superior to any of the other options. Our concern was for the quality of education he would receive. Annette & the academic staff have been superior to any school experience he had. In just under 10 months he was able to complete 2 years of high school and be accepted into the university of his choice! From every aspect we have been comfortable and pleased with Ashcreek Ranch Academy and we would highly recommend them."

Bonnie & Trey - Ashcreek Ranch Academy Parents

"Ashcreek helped us achieve our goal.  Our son graduated from Aschreek with a high school diploma.  And, he was the first, which made it all that much more special.  He has now been home for nine months and it is obvious he has the skills and tools to survive the real world.  Although we have been through a few rough times, it is obvious he has a different perspective on life.  Reflecting back, it is Ashcreek Ranch Academy that made the difference."

Bob W. - Ashcreek Ranch Academy Parent

"I remember my son started leading a Meeting at Ashcreek and after the first meeting he said, “It went a lot better tan I thought it would. The guys were really talked a lot. It went well.” I could see his self-esteem was growing and he was beginning to understand just how capable he was."

Jeff H. - Ashcreek Ranch Academy Parent

"I cannot say enough good things about the staff.....all of them.  Dedicated professionals with years of experience and a genuine desire to see each and every boy succeed.  I must emphasize that in the almost two years that I have been associated with Ashcreek, the most successful outcomes were a combination of a hard working boy, dedicated parent(s), and trusting the program.  There are not any shortcuts......but the end result is certainly worth it."

Jim Hodges - Ashcreek Ranch Academy Parent

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