Top Boot Camps for Troubled Teens near Salt Lake City, UT

Ashcreek Ranch Academy - Boot Camp troubled teen instructorAre you the parent of a troubled teen boy from Salt Lake City, UT looking for a boot camp for your son? Do you think that a military school like setting will help him become a better person? Boot camps for troubled teens are something parents often look into, hoping for a quick action that will end ongoing problems. However, with troubled teens, boot camps can cause more issues when the child is faced with humiliations and shame, rather than respect within an ideal therapeutic setting

Troubled teens with behavioral problems work better within a residential treatment center, rather than in a military style boot camp. Ashcreek Ranch Academy is just such a program, which is a more relaxed, and healthy atmosphere that is unlike military school. Behavioral problems are often exacerbated when placed in a high-stress, highly complicated situation, such as a boot camp. 

Treatment options for troubled teens are as different as the patients seeking help. Boot camps have been considered a military solution for troubled teens with behavioral problems, but the best way to get individualized help is to consider a residential treatment program such as Ashcreek Ranch Academy. Experience can be unforgiving if the wrong path is chosen. It's very important to consider all possibilities before jumping into something that may be damaging, such as boot camps. The help the behavioral problems with your troubled teens, please call our family advocates at 844-211-1354. We can help you understand the benefits for your troubled teen in a residential treatment center as opposed to a boot camp.

Boot Camps for Troubled Boys from Salt Lake City, UT

Many parents choose boot camps when they feel their troubled teen is out of control. The problem is knowing if military schools or disciplinary camps are the correct choices for the issues at hand. Most boot camps are a harsh and tightly structured alternative school that uses fear and punishment to teach obedience. Even defiant and disrespectful teens are not right for these programs. Research will be your best friend in the hunt for appropriate treatment plans, such as a residential treatment program like Ashcreek Ranch Academy.

Disciplinary camps are often unethical, and their “discipline” harms the troubled teen rather than help. This will cause prolonged issues with the children, when parents initially chose the alternative school to help. Please consider our excellent therapeutic and academic program for your troubled teen son. Ashcreek Ranch Academy can help your teen with their issues without the anger, punishment, and humiliation. Call us at 844-211-1354 to see how we can help you, and your teen become the family you need.

The Best Boot Camps around Salt Lake City, UT for Three Boys?

Ashcreek Ranch Academy - Boot Camp for troubled teenage boysBoot camps are not for every troubled teen. Teenagers everywhere are finding themselves labeled as “bad kids” when more often than not, they are angry and hurting over some issue that parents are unaware of. Teenagers in Salt Lake City, UT are sometimes unable to express to their parents what is bothering them--perhaps they don’t even know. Sending them to a boot camp may cause further damage and push them even further away. Most boot camp facilities focus on punishment over discipline. They are military-type schools that teach kids to obey the "law" when being yelled at, threatened, or scared. This approach typically fails.

They are military-type schools that teach kids to obey the "law" when being yelled at, threatened, or scared. This approach typically fails, as an article in Psychology Today tells us. The child integrates back into his or her normal setting because they have relied on only those interactions to keep them in line.

Boot Camps for Teens with Behavioral Problems near Salt Lake City, UT

Do you have a teen in Salt Lake City, UT that you are considering sending to a boot camp because of their behavioral problems? Do they suffer from oppositional defiance disorder, have a behavioral disorder or struggle with their learning abilities? We can help.

Boot camps are not the ideal place to send troubled teens from Salt Lake City, UT to help them with their behavioral problems. Boot camps are often harsh and even violent, making even the toughest teen with oppositional defiance disorder cower. This is caused by the screaming and the shaming that often comes with boot camps. Teens especially with learning disabilities cannot benefit from this strict environment. They need residential treatment.

Troubled Teen Boys Ranch in the Salt Lake City, UT Area

What are the chances that your adolescent is getting into trouble? Alcohol is the most frequently used drug by kids. Teens who drink are more likely to drive under the influence, use other substances and have unprotected sex. Signs that your child is drinking: lying, breaking curfew, becoming verbally or physically abusive, making excuses, having mood swings, and stealing.

Does your child show signs of being bullied? He could be experiencing depression because of it. Another problem can be that of retaliation. In some cases, bullied kids have violent fantasies of attacking their tormentors. These instances are apparent in the recent shootings on school campuses when some kids become violent in order to get revenge.

What you will get here at Ashcreek Ranch Academy is a sympathetic and trained staff, who are committed to helping your child in need, as well as the entire family. We have worked with families from Salt Lake City, UT before. Please call (844) 211-1354 today. We are here to help your family in need!

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By: Russell Johnson As a parent of a troubled teenage boy, you have done endless research concerning behaviors and therapy solutions. Ashcreek Ranch Academy provides many solutions to parents like you but how can you know for sure equine therapy is the right therapeutic solution? Many parents have asked the same question and we'd like to help you understand our program a little bit better. Equine therapy is the development of disc

By: Russell Johnson There are many available treatment options for teenage boys with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). ADHD is a disorder that causes hyperactive, impulsive, and inattentive behaviors in teens which are inappropriate to their age. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for the disorder, but the symptoms can be controlled through specific types of treatments. It is important for parents to carefully

I'm 22 years old. I live in Southern Utah, and have survived intense drug addiction. As a recovering heroin and crystal meth addict, I know what destructive consequences await those who choose to fall victim to hardcore drug addiction. It can be seemingly inescapable affliction, to where there is a vast, black emptiness which can only be temporarily relieved by consuming what made your life hellish in the first place. Drug addiction is

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I cannot say enough good things about the staff.....all of them. Dedicated professionals with years of experience and a genuine desire to see each and every boy succeed. I must emphasize that in the almost two years that I have been associated with Ashcreek, the most successful outcomes were a combination of a hard working boy, dedicated parent(s), and trusting ...
Jim Hodges
I remember my son started leading a Meeting at Ashcreek and after the first meeting he said, “It went a lot better tan I thought it would. The guys were really talked a lot. It went well.” I could see his self-esteem was growing and he was beginning to understand just how capable he was.
Jeff H
We thoroughly researched a number of options available for our son before placing him in Ashcreek Ranch Academy. We were fairly convinced the ‘home’ atmosphere and the equine therapy were superior to any of the other options. Our concern was for the quality of education he would receive. Annette & the academic staff have been superior to any school experience ...
B & T – parents of Tyler
Ashcreek worked with our family through some of our challenges. They were always willing to listen and accommodate to meet our needs. The program was a great transition for my son from wilderness and provided the structure for him to be able to return home.
Justyn M
Ashcreek helped us achieve our goal. Our son graduated from Aschreek with a high school diploma. And, he was the first, which made it all that much more special. He has now been home for nine months and it is obvious he has the skills and tools to survive the real world. Although we have been through a few rough ...
Bob W

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