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Focusing on punishment over discipline, boot camps are not always right for every troubled teen. Research is the best resource you have in finding the correct treatment plan. Over the past few years, new developments have been made in therapy options. Most boot camps are military-style facilities that teach kids obedience by using scare tactics and punishment. These programs work best with defiant children who lack structure and respect for authority. Teens with other difficulties in life such as learning complications or substance abuse may respond better to other treatment options.

Aschreek Ranch Academy may be one of your options. Call us at 844-211-1354 to schedule an intake interview.

Early on in school, Dave developed anger issues and stopped progressing in school. The lighthearted personality his parents knew began to slip away, along with his grades and social life. Before turning to a boot camp facility, Dave began seeing a counselor. Over the course of a few weeks, it came to light that Dave was being bullied at school. After being mentally tormented by his peers, Dave only found comfort in seclusion and reclusiveness. Had he been put into a military style environment, the chances of recovery would have dwindled. Environments where order over love is practiced can be very dangerous to children who already suffer from taunting and other mental abuse.

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Growing up without a father in a poverty stricken environment was all Ryan needed to give up. After displaying violent behavior and disrespect towards everyone around him, Ryan's mother choose to enroll her son into a military-style boot camp. During his stay, patience and respect were learned and respect was earned. Many life skills can be taught inside these specific programs as long as they are the correct fit.

Children are often vastly different from one another, and so are their many treatment options. Boot camps are just one of many possible choices for recovery. The best way to seek treatment for your loved one is to examine each option carefully, as the right path for you and your loved one can make the entire difference. Being able to thrive and achieve happiness is entirely possible with the right tools at your fingertips.

Ashcreek Ranch Academy provides their students with tailor-made specialty therapeutc services for troubled boys. Specifically, this means there is an individualized treatment plan to fit the specific needs of each boy.   “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” — Henry David Thoreau

For Ashcreek Ranch Academy students with unique presenting issues, the staff provide specialty therapeutic groups; adjunctive therapies, and educational activities such as adoption groups, groups dealing with divorce, grief and loss, as well as self-defeating behaviors.    “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” — Walter Bagehot

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