A Separate Working Ranch

Beautiful 75 Scenic Acres..

A Real 75 Acre Working Horse & Cattle Ranch

Our Separate Ranch Facility

Nestled between two State Parks

Ranching and horsemanship are vital aspects to the values we teach our young men, the principles they learn, the hard work they do, and the success they have.

We are fortunate to have a separate location for the ranch and horses which provides a welcomed physical separation between the ranching work we do and the academic and residential life back at the house.  Unlike a boot camp for boys which only focuses on physical requirements, our horsemanship program is designed to help our students build values such as respect, integrity, and accountability that will last a lifetime.

A Beautiful 75 Acre Horse Ranch

The ranch offers about 75 acres which includes pastures, horse stalls, and covered stables. Also included are a competition size roping arena and a covered riding arena. There are approximately 100 horses including newborn colts, yearlings and riding horses which have been trained by the boys. We spend 20 – 25 hours there every week working hard. The boys learn that the work does not get done unless they do it. They learn the health of each horse is dependent on them doing their job.

This teaches them that it is not just “all about me”, but that others are depending on them to do their part. Irregardless of the weather conditions; rain, snow, heat, wind, the work has to be done. Horses have to be fed, watered and cared for. Through this process the boys develop a sense of responsibility and learn more about themselves and that they can do hard things.


“Each student will learn responsibility, dependability and teamwork which will benefit the young man individually and improve their relationships within the family.”

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For Help Call: (844) 211-1354 Tammy Behrmann, Founder
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