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Ashcreek Ranch Academy has brought together a group of seasoned professionals who have extensive experience in working with struggling boys with emotional and/or behavioral health problems.

This multi-disciplinary clinical team consists of psychiatrist, psychologist, and several master level licensed therapists. Our team also includes certified teachers, professional horseman, skilled residential counselors, nurses, activity specialists, and other support staff.

The team is trained and qualified to give our students the support, assistance, mentorship, and life coaching they need to live successful lives after the program.


Garth Lasater

Executive Director

Darren L. Prince

Associate Director

Tammy Prince Behrmann



Garth Lasater

Garth Lasater – Executive Director

[email protected] Garth has over eighteen years of experience working in residential treatment programs. His past experience has included being the Outpatient Director of the Utah Alcoholism Foundation’s Central Utah Treatment Center, where he also worked with alcoholic/drug abusive clients in a sixty-day inpatient program. He has worked for the Division of Family Services within the State of Utah, assisting families and adolescents in crisis. Garth has been facilitating LifeSTAR groups since October of 2008, and has received extensive training in working with pornography and other sexual addictions.   Garth specializes in working with adolescents and their families in addressing chemical dependency, oppositional defiant attitudes and behaviors, depression, and other family systems issues. He has a wide range of clinical experience, from providing individual, group, and family therapy to teaching life skills and other educational information pertinent to maintaining sustained recovery. Garth was also the recipient of the Special Recognition Eli Lilly Welcome Back Award for his primary care with those who are engaged in the struggle with clinical depression.   Garth received his Bachelor’s Degree in Social work from Brigham Young University, and his Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV).   Garth spent the early years of his life living in various places and countries around the world, which happens when your father is a General in the Air Force. Garth and his wife are the proud parents of three children.


Darren Prince, Executive Director

Darren L. Prince – Associate Director

[email protected] Darren’s career in behavioral health began in 1998 when he accepted a position as Admissions Director and part owner of a successful nationally recognized therapeutic boarding school.   Darren was raised on a small farm in Southern Utah, and graduated from the local high school as a leading athlete in Football, Wrestling, Baseball and Track. He began his professional career in 1989 as an X-Ray Technician for the U.S. Army Reserve, was called to active duty and served in the Gulf War, stationed in Germany. After the war, he spent two years in the Philippines as a missionary for his church, and returned home to receive training in sales and marketing working in the wireless and computer technology fields.   Darren has spent the past two years coaching the freshman football team and the varsity wrestling team for the local high school, as well as working towards his communications degree at Dixie State University. Darren has also spent numerous years serving as a scoutmaster and a leader over young men in his church.   Darren and his beautiful wife, Angie, are the proud parents of six wonderful children, ranging in ages from 16 to 3 years. Darren is a warm and caring person, who loves being instrumental in making a difference in the lives of youth.


Tammy Behrmann

Tammy Prince Behrmann – Owner/Founder

[email protected] Tammy began working in her first Adolescent Residential Treatment Center in 1989, while working her way through college. She worked in nearly all departments, learning all aspects of Residential care. Eventually, she was promoted to Admissions Director, a position she held for five years.   In 1996, Tammy moved to Arizona, where she was an integral team member in founding and opening a successful Therapeutic Boarding School (her first ownership endeavor). Then in 1998, she realized her own dream by founding a nationally recognized Girls Therapeutic Boarding School in Lake Montezuma, Arizona, Sedona Sky Academy, which is still very successful today.   Tammy received her Associate of Science degree from Dixie College and proceeded to complete undergraduate work at Southern Utah University and Brigham Young University in Business Administration and Marketing.   Tammy was raised on a small farm in Southern Utah. Her father was a school teacher and coach; her mother was a dance teacher. She believes they taught her a love for family, the value of hard work, commitment and an appreciation of the arts. Tammy also served as a member of the school board for the local private school her Daughters attended. She felt her children needed her undivided attention and consequently, she took a break from working for a couple of years to be a full time mom to her two beautiful daughters.   Having returned back home where she was raised, and being surrounded by a large and supportive family, she is excited to resume her life’s work. Nothing motivates Tammy more than being a part of young people turning their lives around and helping families reunite and heal.


Ray Forrester, MSW, CSW

Primary Therapist

Scott Cecil, MED, CMHC

Primary Therapist

Jake Roberts, APRN



Ray Forrester

Ray Forrester, MSW, CSW – Primary Therapist

Ray moved to America from New Zealand in 2008 when he came to play rugby for BYU (National Champions 09,12,13,14,15). While working on his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology Ray took an internship at the Utah County Juvenile Detention center, Slate Canyon. This was the beginning of his professional path towards helping wayward teens. Over the next few years during his time as direct care staff at various programs his rugby coach convinced him to pursue an MSW. Ray loves being active so he uses an experiential client centered, systems approach to therapy. He combines this with CBT, Motivational Interviewing, and mindfulness techniques. Ray and his wife Cara enjoy being outdoors, eating pizza, and seeing new places. They try to get back to Cara’s home state of Alaska as much as possible to visit her family, have outdoor adventures, and FISH! Also because it is cheaper than going all the way to New Zealand.



Scott Cecil, MED, CMHC – Primary Therapist

Scott received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology and an Associate’s Degree in Law Enforcement from Southern Utah State College. While serving in the United States Air Force, Scott received a Master’s Degree in Education from Mississippi State University in Community Counseling. Scott began his career running a group home having 6 behaviorally challenged adolescents living with him and his wife. After starting a family of his own and leaving the group home, Scott and his family moved to Southern Utah. Scott has been involved in the Therapeutic community in Southern Utah for the past twenty plus years in a variety of settings. He has worked as a therapist in Youth Services in a public mental health center, has done private practice, and has been the Clinical Director in several Residential Treatment centers. In his work with adolescents, Scott has specialized in Disruptive Behavior Disorders as well as Addictive Disorders Scott is currently licensed with the State of Utah as a Certified Mental Health Counselor, and is a Nationally Certified Counselor. Scott enjoys spending time with his family, and spending time outdoors riding his mountain bike.



Jake Roberts, APRN

Jacob “Jake” Roberts has worked in the psychiatric medical field for the last 12 years. While he earned his Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Degree at University of Utah, he worked at the behavioral health unit in the IHC Hospital in St. George Utah and the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah.

He has worked in multiple levels of behavioral health treatment settings including inpatient, outpatient, wilderness and a number of residential programs. He has grown to love treating the adolescent and young adult population and customizes every treatment plan to their situation.

His theory on medication management is to use the least amount of medication possible to stabilize the individual. This in turn allows the patient to develop appropriate coping skills and to not always have to rely on medication to solve the problem at hand.

He is also licensed in the State of Nevada where he serves the under privileged
population in Southern Nevada.

While he’s not treating patients, he spends his time outdoors, either hiking, mountain biking, or boating. He especially enjoys spending time with his young grandchildren.


Boyd Prince

Academic Director

Annette Apple

Academic Coordinator

Jeff Lewis

World History, US Government, P.E., Economics (Micro & Macro)


boyd prince 1

Boyd Prince – Academic Director

Boyd brings over 25 years experience in teaching mathematics and coaching athletics at both the Middle and High School levels.   As a Coach and Athletic Director of team and individual sports, his athletes and teams won multiple state championships. In his responsibilities He has also developed curriculum at both the School as well as District levels.   As the Principal here at Ashcreek Academy, Boyd fosters a welcoming learning environment, where students can build confidence in their educational skills and achieve the best outcomes. He encourages his teachers and staff to develop a strong rapport with students and their families to encourage a lifelong commitment to learning.   Boyd received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Education degrees from Southern Utah University, where he also received his Administrative License in Education and Human Development.   Boyd and his wife are the proud parents of six children.

Individual & Team Sports Coach – cross country running, track & field

annette apple

Annette Apple – Academic Coordinator

Annette brings over 15 years experience working with youth in residential treatment centers in Utah and Arizona as an Administrator, Registrar and Educational Coordinator. She also has experience teaching Theatre Arts classes in addition to her many other educational qualifications.   As a Transition Living Coach for over 4 years, Annette gained valuable experience in intensive life skills coaching. Annette has a Liberal Arts Degree and has also received certification in Business/Management. As the Registrar/Academic Coordinator here at Ashcreek Ranch Academy, she coordinates and evaluates incoming student’s educational needs.   Annette also coordinates outgoing student transition to secondary and collegiate schools, including advising students on next steps in their academic careers. She also coordinates the Independent Studies program at ARA, which involves collegiate and on-line curriculum. Annette and her husband are the proud parents of a daughter and three grand-children.



Jeff Lewis – World History 1 & 2, US Government 1 & 2, Economics (Micro & Macro), P.E.

Jeff brings over 20 years experience working within the educational environment, both as a Teacher and Administrative Consultant (in primary, secondary as well as higher education). Jeff holds science degrees from Dixie State University and Southern Utah University, and has performed graduate work at Arizona State University.   In the 90’s, he founded and managed a software licensing company that focused on the national educational marketplace (both K-12 as well as Higher Ed). Jeff has also trained and conducted workshops nationally, within the academic arena, for companies such as Microsoft, Apple Computer, Adobe, and Sony Digital Studios to audiences ranging from a few dozen to over a thousand.   Along with this experience working with youth at residential treatment centers, Jeff also brings experience working with youth in local development and empowerment programs (Boy Scouts of America, 4-H, Youth Little League, American Legion, etc.). Jeff also holds national licenses in several sports, including soccer (US Soccer Federation) and Tennis (USTA) and has coached individuals and teams in both sports (school and club).   Jeff and his Wife, Rachel, are the proud parents of three children.

Individual & Team Sports Coach – soccer, tennis, baseball

Kevin Pedersen

Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry and Pre-Calculus

Rafael Chacon

Spanish, English Teacher

Cory Brewer

Art Teacher



Kevin Pedersen – Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry and Pre-Calculus

Kevin is one of six children (4 boys, 2 girls). As a child, he lived all over the west in almost every state as his father’s job moved the family about frequently. Kevin graduated from high school in a small town near Boise. After a semester of college in Rexburg, he served an LDS mission to Colombia. When he returned, Kevin moved to Provo and enrolled at BYU, married Amby Withrow of Corvallis (OR) and graduated in 1988. Kevin and Amby have two daughters and have enjoyed spending time with relatives in Oregon, Idaho, and California.   Kevin’s first fifteen years of teaching and coaching were spent in the Alpine School District, in northern Utah, where he taught at several schools at both the junior high and high school levels. When he graduated from the University of Utah in 2003 with his Master’s Degree, he moved to Winnemucca (NV) where he began his administrative career. A few years later, Kevin moved his family to southern Utah and and continued working at Canyon View HS, Hurricane HS, Hurricane Intermediate School, and Ashcreek Ranch Academy



Rafael R. Chacon, MBA – Spanish, English

Rafael has over 30 years of work and teaching experience. He received his Master’s Degree at UCLA and his NAFTA Agreement at UQROO (Universidad de Quintana Roo, Mexico. He is fully bilingual and bicultural and he has over 30 years-experience in business, accounting and international and fiscal laws. He also has over 10 years experience teaching English and Spanish in Mexico at UQROO and in the United States. Rafael has taught and written curriculum for Business Administration and Law, Accounting and Finance, International Commerce, Spanish courses: both as first and second languages, English Courses: both as first and second languages, and Preparation for foreign students to pass the TOEFL exam. Rafael is currently in the process of being nationally and internationally certified in English and Spanish. Rafael enjoys writing colloquialism encyclopedias, singing in the St. George Heritage Choir, Directing his local church choir and performing for senior citizen centers.

Shereene Rice, MA

Special Education, English Teacher

Trevor Gorton

Mathematics, English, Music Teacher

Greg Berry

Mathematics Teacher

McKayla Carter

Art, Visual Arts



McKayla Carter – Art, Visual Arts

Kayla Carter has been a producing artist for the last five years. She has been featured in many St. George art festivals and enjoys sharing her art with everyone. McKayla is excited to bring a creative side to your students learning opportunities at Ashcreek Ranch Academy. She attended Dixie State University and is in the process of finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis of Visual Arts. As a producing artist she feels it is important to expose students to Visual Arts and the benefits that it can have on a personal level as well as an educational level. She currently is Student teaching at a local High school and will finish her degree and service hours in May. Her other hobbies involve hiking, fishing and camping!


Robert Vail

Residential Manager

Steven Wade

Senior Shift Supervisor

Susan Barney

Shift Supervisor


Russell C. Johnson

Operations Director

Tina Johnson

Office Manager

Paul Ravenscraft

Admissions Director


Russell Johnson, Operations Director

Russell C. Johnson – Operations Director

[email protected] Russell began his career in teen behavioral health in 2012. Prior to that he has spent over 10 years in a voluntary counseling capacity working with professional counselors at LDS Family Services in Phoenix and Flagstaff Arizona. This work required a wide array of interventions with adults and teens which included family relations, marriage, finance, depression and identity/self worth counseling.   Russell graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology in Phoenix Arizona where he received his Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. He spent 24 years working in the healthcare industry specializing in third party administration, health care provider networking, insurance payouts and pharmacy perscription distribution.   Russell was born and raised in Southern Utah and Southern Nevada. Following graduation from high school, he went on to an apprenticeship in a family owned masonry business. Russell left for a short time to serve a mission for his church in Ireland, and upon his return he became a partner in the family masonry business.   In 1984 Russell and his wife decided to make a career change. With their two children, they moved to Phoenix Arizona and enrolled at DeVry Institute of Technology. On graduation Russell was hired by a healthcare company to work in their in their IT department. He held various positions and upon his departure was the Director of Product Development.   Russell has spent most of his non-professional life working with young people in many capacities, ranging from Boy Scouts to coaching Little League sports and club baseball teams. Russell found that assisting people and helping them overcome personal challenges to be a very rewarding experience. He and his wife were fortunate to know the Prince family and team up with them to have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of young people.   Russell and his wife Tina have five children (4 boys 1 girl) and seven grandchildren (6 boys 1 girl). We know boys.


Tina Johnson, Office Manager

Tina Johnson – Office Manager

[email protected] Tina has been an integral member of the Ash Creek Academy team from the beginning as the Human Resource Director. Tina received her A.B.A. degree at Yavapai College in Northern Arizona. Upon completion of her degree, she worked 11 years for a local accounting firm.   Tina also performed tax work for clients of Jackson/Hewitt. Tina has also worked independently for several clients handling their small business accounting. She also served as City Treasurer for a local municipality.   Tina is the mother of 5 children, 4 boys and 1 daughter and 6 grandsons (she love boys!) and a granddaughter.


Paul-Ravenscraft, Admissions Director

Paul-Ravenscraft – Admissions Director

Paul is a seasoned Admissions Director with 15 years of experience connecting families with the perfect therapeutic program. He has served in some of the nation’s leading therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers across the country including those in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Utah and Arizona.

He specializes in a team based, collaborative approach to finding the perfect fit and therapist for our clients.

Paul is a graduate of Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio. When Paul is not working with families to ensure a seamless transition for their daughter you can find him at home in Tempe, AZ with wife Shelly and beloved dogs Winston and Wendi.

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