Academics Program at Ashcreek Ranch Academy

Nationally Accredited Academic Instruction

Nationally Accredited Academics – Individual Instruction

The Academic Program at Ashcreek Ranch Academy is fully accredited by AdvancED, national accreditation and offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum. The ARA Academic program is based on the development of a learning environment where students are taught in a small classroom setting by fully certified teachers.

The students of ARA are presented with a college prep academic experience, which prepares them to return to traditional academic settings. Our job, from day one, is for each student to return home fully prepared to finish school and succeed in every setting, especially academically. Therefore, we have purposely designed our program to accomplish this goal.

Students in residential treatment programs are frequently deficient in the necessary credits to graduate on time. While enrolled at ARA, students have an opportunity to participate in traditional classes, as well as our credit recovery and GPA repair programs.

Traditional Classes with One-on-One Direct Support by Certified Teachers

residential treatment center academics

Many students who attend ARA are behind on their academic credits or have a need to repair the poor grades on their transcripts. With this in mind, in addition to traditional classes and curriculum, ARA also utilizes highly interactive on-line courses. ARA has certified teachers and trained tutors to assist students in completing their academic deficiency issues.

Experiential learning – ARA students participate in classes which involve the work they are doing on the ranch. Moreover, our students participate in educational field trips to the amazing geological and scientific wonders of Southern Utah. Students are challenged every day to learn in both the traditional classroom setting, as well as through abundant opportunities both on and off campus.

Comprehensive, Challenging Curriculum – designed for high-school age boys, preparing them for a future of academic success. The classes are also designed to provide an environment which assists them in maximizing their learning potential.

Accredited Classes – are traditionally taught in a small group size format by fully endorsed teachers.

Individualized Credit Recovery Program – through the use of on-site tutors and highly interactive on-line courses.

Art and Music Program – will afford each boy the opportunity for individual expression, skill building and enjoy useful diversionary activities.

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