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Family Owned & Operated

Founders involved directly each day

A Family Affair

More In-tune to How Their Program is Working

Darren and Tammy, two of the owners of Ashcreek Ranch, are brother and sister who grew up with two school teachers for parents. It is from their parents they learned the value of helping others, and where they gained the insight and caring to work with struggling teens.

The Prince family always had struggling adolescents in their home–from cousins, friends, and foster children. The empathy and compassion their parents showed to others in need are reasons Tammy and Darren work in adolescent behavioral health today.

Tammy started in residential treatment in 1988 and Darren followed a decade after in 1998. Just like their parents before them, it has become their life’s work to help nurture adolescents into healthy, happy adults.

Tammy Behrmann - Ashcreek Ranch Academy

A Family Owned and Operated Program

One of the important distinctions of Ashcreek Ranch Academy is that our program is owned and operated by people who started the program and are involved with it every single day. Tammy and Darren opened Ashcreek Ranch in 2012, and not a day goes by where they are not involved with the success and care of the young men who join us.

We believe this owner / operator model creates a safer, more successful therapeutic program due to the ownership being more in-tuned to how the program is working on a daily basis.

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For Help Call: (844) 211-1354 Tammy Behrmann, Founder
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