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The Experience of Enhancing Character, Accepting Challenge, and Understanding Community Living. Ashcreek Academy is

A Program Designed Specifically for Young Men

Ashcreek Academy is a  Residential Treatment Center where boys become young men.  Our unique outdoor adventure, experiential therapy, and home-like environment teach the value of hard work, respect, and accountability, while our residential setting feels like home—warm, friendly, and inviting.  Every part of our program and environment is designed specifically for young men.  From our approach in therapy to the classroom to the daily schedule – everything we do was developed to meet the emotional and behavioral needs of struggling teen boys.

Ashcreek Ranch Academy - Schools for Troubled Teens

A Home-like
Environment for Boys

We’ve created a clean, modern, home-like environment designed specifically to make boys feel welcome and at home.

Here young men learn the value of doing difficult things and find confidence as they learn to trust others and trust themselves through experiential therapy.

Boys residential treatment center academic program

Accredited Academics
& Personal Attention

Whether underperforming or struggling to achieve academically, our young men receive personal attention from experienced, credentialed teachers in real classroom setting. Students learn valuable learning skills often neglected at traditional public schools.

Canoeing on Ashcreek Lake

Experiential Therapy,
& Outdoor Adventure

We’re located in the heart of Southern Utah’s color country – the gateway to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell and minutes from 3 State Parks.  We use our unique environment to engage the body and the mind with experiential therapy & purposeful outdoor adventure.

Why Ashcreek
"There's something magical about the
environment and the transformations
that take place here."
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The Difference Between Ashcreek Academy & Other Programs for Struggling Teens

Many residential treatment centers for teens are designed for both adolescent boys and girls. We find this design problematic. Honestly, there is a vast difference between the emotional and physical needs of young men when compared to those of young women.

Our unique focus on young men and the exceptional setting of our outdoor environment and experiential therapy offer better outcomes.  Students return healthier, happier, and ready to thrive and succeed.

At Ashcreek Academy we know how to make a difference in the lives of struggling young men. Our approach starts with the understanding that the reversal of destructive lifestyle choices is possible with the right tools and knowledge.

We believe that each student can learn to make new choices and find a happy, healthy and meaningful life.

Our Skilled &
Clinical Team
"We believe each young man has incredible potential. We provide treatment without judgement - but with dignity and respect." > Learn More

Experiential Therapy

Outdoor Adventure Guided by Trained Therapists

Some of life’s most important lessons can’t be learned solely through talk-therapy, or in an office setting. That’s why we engage the boys in experiential therapy, which is simply purposeful outdoor activities and adventure guided by experienced therapists.

Exciting activities such as mountain biking, hiking, river rafting, rock climbing, boating, horseback trail rides, and even fishing are used to teach valuable life lessons in a way that connect with the boys and translate to insights which help them overcome personal issues and improve family relationships.

Canoeing on Ashcreek Lake

A Warm, Welcoming Home > Take a Tour "A home-like environment where a student can address his challenges - while avoiding the typical institutional feel.."

Strong, Comprehensive Academics

& Fully Accredited Individual Instruction

Academics at School for Troubled Teens

We are nationally accredited by AdvancED.

The students of Ashcreek Academy are presented with a college prep academic experience which prepares them to succeed when they return home.

Small classroom sizes and an individual customized approach to maximize each student’s ability to learn. Classroom learning environment is designed to maximize learning especially for students with ADD/ADHD.

Outdoor Activities
With a Purpose
"Our recreation activities consist of experiential groups and recreational activities specifically designed for boys." > Learn More

Our Typical Student Profile

Our typical students are boys 14-18 who are unable to function in the home environment and have issues with one or more of the following:

ADD/ADHD, Depression, Anger Management, Substance Use or Abuse, Academic Problems, Parent/Child Conflicts, Low Self-esteem, School failure, Stealing, Lying, Avoidance Behavior, Oppositionality or Addictive issues – Drugs, alcohol, pornography, virtual social networking, gaming, and other self-destructive behavior.

Whitewater Rafting
The Colorado River
Whitewater rafting is a thrilling adventure that requires a lot of hard work, team work, and confidence in yourself and others - it's experiential therapy at the most exhilarating level. > Learn More

A Day at Ashcreek Academy

Our goal is to provide our young men the opportunity to grow in all aspects—strengthen values, improve motivation, enhance academic performance, and build healthier, happier relationships.

We have built a Day at Ashcreek Academy that provides structure while balancing the needs of our students for variety. Some of our students are more tactile, many require more experiential, and all need movement to keep the mind and body fresh and engaged.

Skateboard part at boys residential treatment center

Rock Climbing &
"Never a solo sport, rock climbing requires a lot of planning, preparation, team work, patience, and problem solving. It teaches the boys how to do difficult things and the importance of thoughtful decision making." > Learn More

Alternative Education & College Preparation

Individual Instruction & Credit Recovery

Some boys don’t do well in a typical school environment. Behavioral issues lead to bad grades; low self-esteem means more acting out. It’s a vicious cycle. 

We stop the cycle. Here, boys relearn how to function at home and school. Through evidence-based therapy, we get boys to see how their misbehavior is hurting them and those around them. At the same time, we instill a lifelong love of learning in our boys. This combination of emotional and academic self-sufficiency sets boys up for a lifetime of success.

Utah - a Mountain
Biking Paradise
"In Southern Utah, there is no lack of top notch bike trails to explore and master. People come from all over the world just to experience some of the well known trails that are literally right in our back yard." > Learn More

Activities, Athletics & Sports

Healthy, Team-Building and Confidence Building

Ashcreek offers a comprehensive set of activities and sports that meet the specific needs of our students. Our individualized attention doesn’t end with therapy… we continually seek to add and improve our activity and sport offerings based on the interest of our students.

Our activity and sports programs are built to help students advance athletically, get in shape, compete against themselves and others, create team camaraderie, and build confidence. Plus, it’s fun and often a great way to get off-campus and enjoy the surrounding area.

Service to Others &
The Community
" Community and neighborhood service projects promote self-esteem and a sense of purpose. Service projects consist of community beautification, visiting those who are in need of friendship and companionship at local nursing homes, senior citizens centers, and animal sanctuaries." > Learn More

Evidence Based Therapy & Measured Outcomes

Ensuring andTracking the Success of Our Students

One of the many things that make Ashcreek Academy unique is our dedication to measuring the ongoing progress of our students.

Ashcreek Academy is leading the industry in continuous outcome studies and testing from the day a student starts through the first year they leave us.

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For Help Call: (844) 385-6783 Kris Archer- Director of Admissions/ Outreach
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