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About Us – Ashcreek Academy

What Makes us Truly Unique

Ashcreek Academy Residential Treatment Center for BoysA Program Designed Specifically for Young Men

Exciting Outdoor Experiences & Adventure, Strong Academics, and a Structured, Therapeutic Environment to Help Boys Become Young Men

A Focus on the Needs of Boys

  • Exciting Outdoor Adventure and Experiential Activities
  • A Confidence-building Program that Reinforces a Strong Work Ethic and Accountability
  • Equine Therapy Showing Students the Value of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
  • A Personalized, Academic Environment
  • An Intensive, Comprehensive Therapeutic Approach that Utilizes Recent Research and Decades of Experience to Help Students Achieve Better Outcomes.
Academics at School for Troubled Teens

Strong Academics

Small classrooms combining personalized attention and strong academics. We meet students where they are and help them determine their unique learning styles and improve academic performance that meets their abilities.

Clinical Services Provided at Ashcreek Ranch Academy


Ashcreek Academy treats each young man who is admitted to the program with respect and dignity, while providing a safe environment in which to heal, learn, and grow. Utilizing our substantial experience in working with adolescent boys, the Clinical Team of ARA has created an environment that fosters such respect.

Troubled boys ranch paddle boarding

Outdoor Focus

Ashchreek Academy recreational activities are therapeutic in nature and enhance the overall therapeutic experience. Our recreation activities consists of experiential groups and recreational activities specifically designed for boys.

Experiential groups are designed so that the community of boys must use cooperation and use teamwork to gain success. Through planning, experiencing, and finally achieving success the boys learn by “doing”. Participating in and processing these experiences allow the students to learn about the necessity of trust, responsibility, teamwork, and improved self-concept.

Outdoor Activities and Sports

In our experience, our young men need an outlet for their energy and competitiveness plus a way to build confidence and mix up their weeks– this is where our outdoor activities and sports programs come into play. The boys get to participate in a wide variety of on and off-campus activities and sports for fun and relationship building including mountain biking, skate boarding, kayaking, canning, hiking and climbing.

Our proximity to Zion National park, Bryce Canyon National Park, the Grand Canyon and three state parks within view of our campus provides a huge playground of sorts where the boys engage in fun outdoor activities that are therapeutic and confidence building.

troubled teen ranch horsemanship

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy represents a fundamental part of our experiential therapy program at Ashcreek Academy. The central aim of equine therapy is to help our students create healthy relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Many times, the lack of understanding of the importance of “trust” and “respect” is the teen’s core issue. Therefore, “trust” and “respect” becomes the focal point of the therapeutic goal.

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