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Our Values and Beliefs

Ashcreek Ranch Academy Defined

Ashcreek Academy Defined

The Foundation of Our Program for Boys

At Ashcreek Academy we work with boys who struggle seeing value in themselves and behaviorally acting out in search of that value.  These behaviors may include isolating, shutting down, trauma, attachment issues, substance abuse, defiance, anger, manipulation, lying, misuse of technology, school avoidance and negative choice of friends.

When students graduate, they have developed a sense of personal value, knowledge, and resources to deal with life obstacles which provide them with a solid foundation for a successful future.

Through individual, group and family therapy, experiential learning, and community living- students develop confidence, a strong work ethic, build boundaries and create healthy relationships.

We know our program works!  We track our success through our commitment to ongoing aftercare services and long-term outcome studies.
Horsemanship for troubled boys ranch

Our Values

We believe in an environment with strong values and core principles. It drives our daily decisions and these values are integral to the fabric of the Ashcreek community.

Combining a home-like residential setting with a rigorous experiential therapy program, every student learns about being self-aware, hard-working, respectful, accountable, and being thoughtful in their decision making.

Our Beliefs


  • Be in the moment!
    • I need to be cognizant of my surroundings and act appropriately.
  • Know that my decisions effect everyone.
    • The peers I associate with have a huge impact on my life.
  • Learn respect for self and others.
    • Learn to accept self and others without judgement.
  • Be HONEST with myself.
    • Am I being genuine and integral in all of my relationships.


  • Take ownership for past and future choices.
    • I own my destination.
  • Take accountability to improve my quality of life.
    • My quality of life improves as I hold myself personally accountable.
  • Achievement comes with sacrifice and perseverance.
    • I will develop the discipline to withstand the struggle that comes with growth.


  • Recognize all the choices before me.
    • I will use the resources (i.e., self, peer, group and family) in my life to make those decisions— be it social, academic, physical, etc.
  • Discover and appreciate my purpose in life.
    • I will begin to see how events in my life happened for me rather then to me.
  • Learn to set and achieve goals.
    • I will begin to see the value in setting both short-term and long-term goals.
    • By setting these goals, I will see my ability to determine my destination.
For Help Call: (844) 385-6783 Kris Archer- Director of Admissions/ Outreach
In the next 24 hours a member of our team will reach out to you. We want to know more about what you are struggling with and help you determine if our program is a good fit.

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