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Boys Learn to Become Selfless Young Men

Learning Responsibility

Creates Self-awareness and Purpose

Taking responsibility for one’s actions can be difficult during these teenage years. It’s time to stop justifying negative behaviors and making excuses. Young men learn the value of accountability at Ashcreek through working on their assigned tasks and duties, as well as in their academic and residential life.

These are real and important responsibilities that are a part of everyday life at Ashcreek Academy. By having our students participate fully in the ranch and residential setting, the important values of responsibility and accountability are taught and reinforced.

Students are immersed in the ranching environment and held accountable by our trained professionals and their own peers.

Realizing that people depend on them creates self-awareness and a purpose. When faced with an obstacle, your teen can learn to overcome it in a more positive way through a newfound connectedness to the world.

Selfish boys learn to become selfless young men at Ashcreek Academy.

For Help Call: (844) 385-6783 Kris Archer- Director of Admissions/ Outreach
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