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A Typical Day at Ashcreek Academy

Structure, Balance, Variety

Typical Day

Our goal is to provide our young men the opportunity to grow in all aspects—strengthen values, improve motivation, enhance academic performance, and build healthier, happier relationships.

We have built a Day at Ashcreek Academy that provides structure while balancing the needs of our students for variety. Some of our students are more tactile, many require more experiential, and all need movement to keep the mind and body fresh and engaged.

Typical Weekday

Our day starts early and by the end our students are normally pretty exhausted from the events of the day. We offer a strong academic curriculum, renowned horsemanship program, and life skills clinical work geared towards building a foundation of success.

School Day
6:00 am – Wake up
6:30 – Breakfast, Clean Rooms
7:30 – Group Therapy
8:30 – Academics
11:30 – Lunch
12:30 pm – Equine Therapy
2:40 – P.E.
3:40 – Academics / Electives
6:15 – Dinner
7:00 – Life skills, Music, Family Bridge, Recreation Center
8:00 – NA Meeting / Personal Time
9:30 – Lights Out

Typical Weekend

The weekends are more open than weekdays, providing greater opportunities off-campus, additional activities, and the chance to sleep in a little! We use the weekends to catch up on school work, to join longer activities on and off campus, and to relax and build bonds with staff and fellow students.

7:00am – Wake up
7:30 – Breakfast
8:00 – Chores, Personal Time
10:00 – Off-Campus / Outside Activities
12:30pm – Lunch
1:30 – Off-Campus Group Activities / Free Time
4:00 – Shower / Study Hall / Free Time
5:30 – Dinner
6:00 – Off-Campus Activity or Movie Night
9:00 – Ready for Bed
9:30 – Lights Out

For additional information about how a day at Ashcreek Academy can help your son excel, please contact us.

Skateboard part at boys residential treatment center
For Help Call: (844) 385-6783 Kris Archer- Director of Admissions/ Outreach
In the next 24 hours a member of our team will reach out to you. We want to know more about what you are struggling with and help you determine if our program is a good fit.

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