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Activities, Athletics & Sports

Healthy, Team-Building and Confidence Building

Athletic Activities & Sports at Ashcreek Academy

Health, Fitness, Competition, and Team-Building

Ashcreek offers a comprehensive set of activities and sports that meet the specific needs of our students. Our individualized attention doesn’t end with therapy… we continually seek to add and improve our activity and sports offerings based on the interest of our students.

Our activity and sports programs are built to help students advance athletically, get in shape, compete against themselves and others, create team camaraderie, and build confidence. Plus, it’s fun and often a great way to get off-campus and enjoy the surrounding area.

Like everything we do at Ashcreek Academy, athletics and fitness also include our therapeutic component customized to enhance the student’s individual treatment plan. Our athletics and fitness programs are designed and conducted by our trained therapists, so these aren’t simply fun or “free time” activities – they are integral to our holistic treatment program for boys.

Weekly Fitness Program

One of our students favorite weekday and weekend activities is working out. Our young men love to workout at the gym and create new goals for themselves and set new records.

Our students enjoy attending the gym, located in Hurricane, UT Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. They are able to attend on the weekends, if wanted. The quick-paced workouts that switch between tasks such as jumping, swinging a kettle bell, or flipping a huge tire are tough, but a big hit with the boys.

Fitness training also provides opportunities to engage in learning and reflection moments with the boys as they struggle, overcome, and look back at what small things done regularly over time can achieve. These lessons mirror real-life problems and solutions the boys recognize in their home life or interaction with peers. hese are fitness habits the boys will take home with them and use in their “bag of tools” to keep fit, relieve stress, maintain confidence, and forever recall the life lessons learned in our program.

Outdoor Adventure & Experiential Therapy Activities

Here is a list of the current activity options:

  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • River rafting
  • Canoeing
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Canyoneering
  • Exploring
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
  • Tubing
  • Mountain biking

As a program designed specifically for young men, we understand the interests and needs for many of our students to find a physical outlet. This isn’t about winning. It is about staying active, improving, and having fun. Research shows incredible benefits to the physical and emotional well-being of those who remain active.

Our varied sports and activity program gives every student the opportunity to try new things and build capabilities and confidence.

Outdoor Experiential Therapy & Adventure..

Adventure with a purpose in beautiful Southern Utah

Outdoor experiential therapy activities are designed so that the community of boys must use cooperation and teamwork to achieve their goal.  Guided by our trained outdoor therapists, the boys are exposed to many once in a lifetime adventures unique to southern Utah.

Canoeing on Ashcreek Lake
Skateboard part at boys residential treatment center
Camping at Lake Powell
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