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Co-Ed Action Summits at Ashcreek Academy – October 2020

Ashcreek Academy (ACA) and Sedona Sky Academy (SSA) have combined efforts to host regular three-day Action Summits focusing on Leadership Skills, Empowerment, Understanding Personal Worth, Building Gratitude, and other pertinent topics. The girls from SSA and the boys from ACA have joined together to participate in these meaningful summits filled with a variety of experiential activities, group sessions, guest speakers, and educational opportunities. The Action Summits are a part of regular programming for each campus and are held quarterly at either the Utah or Arizona campuses.

As a single gender school, Ashcreek Academy understands that it is advantageous to provide students with opportunities to interact with the opposite gender. This interaction with the opposite gender provides instant feedback on how well they are doing with their self esteem, treatment plan goals, and any identity issues that may have come up. It is helpful for the young men to receive feedback from the young women at Sedona, as many of their future relationships will be with women and not just men. 

This last activity, Ashcreek had eight students who were identified as leaders in the community and were able to attend. Ashcreek  planned an Action Summit in Page, Arizona where the two schools met in the middle. They participated in therapeutic groups, ate meals together, and learned about each other during free time.

The pinnacle of the trip was being able to go to Lone Rock Beach at Lake Powell. There they had a series of Experiential Therapy groups that they participated in and were able to process afterward. The students from Ashcreek said how they enjoyed learning about the girls from Sedona and that several of them felt it would be nice to be able to be friends with them outside of this experience, as they felt the girls were really interesting. 

One Ashcreek student commented, “I didn’t used to view girls as friends, but just as people to date. I thought it was a great experience for me to grow. One of the girls gave it to me hard with some feedback about some war storying and it made me realize that I didn’t want to be that guy anymore and it wasn’t going to make me the kind of friends I want. I liked the Action Summit a lot and it felt cool to be more like a normal kid, hanging out with the girls at the beach.” 

The students at Ashcreek are excited for the next year’s Action Summits and we look forward to helping them grow and learn. 

To watch a video about our Action Summits at Ashcreek, click here.

Action Summit October 2020
Action Summit - Oct 2020

Written By: Kris Archer, Director of Outreach/Admissions

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