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Frequently Asked Questions

What you should know

Who can Ashcreek help?

Ashcreek Academy is for young men ages 14 – 17 who are struggling behaviorally and emotionally. For more information about the type of student we accept, see our student profile under the Admissions menu.

Is Ashcreek right for my son?

Families looking at Ashcreek often have a child who has a hard time managing their emotions in healthy ways. Ashcreek evaluates the needs of every individual and family and tailors treatment to them in order to provide them with the tools that they need to be successful. There is also power in a new environment, a break from the norm, and a change in focus—Ashcreek provides all of these.

Why a program with animals?

At Ashcreek we have many horses and a couple of dogs. The boys have the opportunity to ride and take care of the horses, and can learn many lessons in the process. Our dogs are great friends for the boys at Ashcreek, and are always available for the boys to spend time with.

Will my son learn accountability?

Many families report their sons are struggling: “he doesn’t work hard”; “he doesn’t seem to care about anything”; “he isn’t responsible”. Our unique environment in Southern Utah, home-like residential setting, and treatment approach teach strong values critical to success in life. Being accountable is one of those critical values.

What will he learn?

Aside from all of the therapeutic options Ashcreek offers, our academic environment provides more individualized attention, small classrooms, use of technology, and academics that reflect the unique needs and learning style of our students.

What will his room look like?

The rooms are like the rooms in your home, except he’ll be in a room of 2 – 3 roommates most of the time.

How will Ashcreek help our family?

At Ashcreek, we understand that the family is pivotal in the therapeutic process, and ultimately in therapeutic success. As your son works on himself and acquires the right tools to live a healthy life, the parents are given an opportunity to look at the family system to see what can be fixed there. The primary therapist guides the family through this process.

How much does this cost?

We are a private pay program. Families may get a portion of tuition back from insurance, but if and how much depends on insurance. Call us for additional information.

How long will my son be at Ashcreek?

Most students are at Ashcreek for 8 – 12 months, which is shorter than many residential treatment centers. We believe our focus exclusively on boys, our experiential focus, and clinical intensity get better and faster outcomes.

Frequently asked questions at Ashcreek residential treatment center in Utah

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