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In Times of Need, Become a Helper

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

Fred Rogers

There has been a lot of things in this news this year that have felt scary, haven’t they? It has been a difficult time for everyone. So many of us unsure of what to do. I’ve always loved this advice of Mr Rogers, to look for the helpers. Even more so, I always wanted to be one. We all can be helpers, we can all become those people that we are looking for when the news gets scary.

For me, I’ve found that continuing to serve in some small capacity was something that helped things feel less scary and more hopeful. When things got hard with this pandemic, the needs of our communities did not go away, in fact, they increased. Once we learned how to do things as safely as possible, I had to get back out to help.

Helping Others

The food bank, homeless shelters, and hungry kids in our community all still needed us, and so I decided to serve. Each week for an hour, I would mask up, glove up, and become a helper. It’s been what has saved me, and it has also been where I have been able to see the other “helpers”. It’s amazing to me how many are willing to do so.

Serving doesn’t have to be a huge thing. I have found that sometimes the helpers are those at the grocery store willing to smile with their eyes, those working in the food service community willing to work, those willing to risk their safety by being on the frontlines. When you become a helper it makes it easier to see one.

Our youth can also be helpers, and what I have found is when they do, they are more willing to help themselves. They find purpose and it’s been my belief that giving our youth a purpose, is a service. At Evoke Therapy Programs, where I work, the kids are tasked with helping each other in every day wilderness therapy living. It’s some of the magic. When we help others, our relationships with them grow, and our relationship with ourselves does as well. Watching two students help one another prepare and make a meal together over a fire, can be some of the most beautiful therapy.

Ashcreek Academy seems to know the gift of service as well, engaging their students to also become helpers. It is in the looking to help on the outside, that sometimes make it easier to help within. It’s the connecting piece of being a helper that helps us remember, as Ram Dass said, that “We are all just walking each other home”.

To get involved in helping in our community here locally in St George Utah, reach out! I would love to have you join me. Otherwise, assess your comfortability and find ways to be a helper. You’ll always find people who are helping.

Kaysha Sorensen, Evoke Therapy Programs

Kaysha Sorensen, Admissions and Outreach at Evoke Therapy Programs

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