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Meet Our Admissions Team

Kris Archer- Director of Admissions/Outreach

Kris Archer - Ashcreek residential treatment center staff

Kris has worked in the industry over the past decade in a couple different capacities. She started as a live-in parent at a treatment center for adolescent females, alongside her husband- Dave. She loved working in mental health and quickly found that she really enjoyed helping families heal. After working in the home for 4 years, she then moved on to working in admissions and doing outreach with professionals.

Kris has been doing admissions and business development for the past several years and has really enjoyed helping families feel comfortable and accepted, allowing them to do the work that is needed. Kris was raised with four brothers, two older and two younger– and despite all that, still loves working with  young men!

Kris was awarded two Gold Presidential Service Awards for her work helping high school students find their passions, through the the Americorps Program. She also produced and developed a Diversity Education curriculum and presented it in elementary schools across Utah for two years. Kris was a founding member and Vice President of the Southern Program Collaborative that includes all programs in the South Eastern region of NATSAP. Kris serves on the Evolving Women board as well, and enjoys spreading the message of empowering women.

Kris enjoys photography, the outdoors (water of any kind), traveling and seeing new things; but most of all being with her husband, three daughters, and two dogs.

Crete Gallagher – Admissions/Outreach Counselor

Crete Gallagher - Ashcreek residential treatment center staff

Crete is currently a senior at Dixie State University working on a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. After getting a bachelor degree, he plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

Crete has worked in both wilderness and residential therapy programs working with teenagers and has fallen in love with working with youth. Crete has a passion for helping people see through the many distractions in this life to help them see what is most important. He wants to be able to make a difference in the lives of the kids that he works with in any way he can. 

Crete enjoys playing golf, rock climbing, playing basketball and spending time with his wife.

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