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Strong, Comprehensive Academics

Fully Accredited, Individual Instruction

Academics at Ashcreek Academy

Students Catch Up, Exceed Abilities, and Prepare for Home..

Academics - Ashcreek residential treatment center in Utah

We are fully accredited by Cognia and NIPSA National Accreditation.

The students of Ashcreek Academy are presented with a college-prep academic experience which prepares them to succeed when they return home.

Students enjoy our small classroom environment and an individually customized approach to maximize each student’s ability to learn.  The classroom learning environment is designed to help students recognize their unique learning profiles and advocate for individual needs.

Individualized Instruction

Our academic team is an integral part of our treatment environment. Each teacher has an intimate knowledge of each student’s complex needs, their master treatment plan goals, and interventions; and works closely with each residential mentor and therapist to ensure academic success.

This individual attention and focus on each student’s needs requires our academic team to be constantly aware of the bigger picture; initially focusing on increasing student’s success and comfort in the classroom, moving to helping student’s develop a love of learning and preparing students to transition to more traditional academic environments on track to graduation and prepared to meet the demands of quality education.

Our academic team is also an integral part of our Experiential Learning Curriculum. Our therapists and teachers collaborate to develop curriculum and facilitate therapeutic and academic learning experiences in our community environment.
Ashcreek Academy academics -Residential treatment center in Utah

Our Academic Services

Small, Teacher Led Instruction

  • Teacher-led classes 
  • Small class sizes 
  • Individualized learning styles supported for each student
  • Physical fitness to ensure each student is physically and emotionally prepared to learn
  • Extensive Credit Recovery Opportunities
  • College and Career Prep Education and Assistance
  • Small School-based testing facilitation for ACT/SAT

Special Education Services

Individualized for Each Student

  • Reviews all psychological evaluations.
  • Evaluates each student’s strengths and weaknesses and learning styles.
  • Individualized learning plan that ties to each student’s individualized Master Treatment Plan
  • Testing to evaluate student progress, as needed.
  • One on one assistance for students requiring extra support.

Additional Assistance & Credit Recovery

Due to the many transitions our students and families typically experience on their journey to Ashcreek Academy, we find that many students are credit deficient or have missing chunks of curriculum essential to academic success. Each student’s transcript and academic profile is thoroughly reviewed and an individualized credit evaluation is completed to identify these gaps or areas of need.

Ashcreek Academy’s goal for our students is that 100% of our students who graduate the clinical program will leave Ashcreek Academy on track toward high school completion and earning a diploma.
Boys residential treatment center academic program
residential treatment center academics
Our campus Ashcreek residential treatment center in Utah

Ashcreek Academy
High School Curriculum

English – Language Arts, American Literature, World Literature, Creative Writing

Mathematics – Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 (Math 1), Geometry (Math 2) , Algebra 2 with Trigonometry (Math 3), Pre-Calculus, and Calculus

Social Studies – World History, Geography, U.S. History, American Government and Civics, Sociology, Economics, Psychology

Science Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Horticulture, Botany, Geology, Aqua Culture, and Physics

Foreign Language – Assessed on an Individualized Basis

Fine Arts – Music Technology, Digital Music, Art History

Health– Health Education, Healthy Relationships, Life Skills, Adult Roles

Physical Education – Daily gym attendance, Adventure therapy, Community Recreation Opportunities
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