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The Focus of Ashcreek Academy

Why We do What we Do.

People Never Learn Anything by Being Told, They Have to Find Out for Themselves.    -Cohelo

At Ashcreek we teach and reinforce strong values through the experience of

Ashcreek Academy is focused on providing young men and their families opportunity to develop Character and embrace Challenges, to thrive in a Community.

These values come through in the way we approach therapy,  academics, outdoor experiential work, activities, animal interactions, and our residential life.

Every aspect of our program, environment, and therapy revolves around these core principles and evidenced-based therapeutic methods.

Ashcreek residential treatment center in Utah
Student at Ashcreek Academy in Southern Utah


Young boys become young men.

At Ashcreek Academy, our students find the strength to know the true potential they hold. They learn about their personalities and how to have influence with others through improving themselves. They gain insight into their morals and values, as well as their families.

We know this is a difficult decision to send your child to a treatment center and do not take that lightly. We are a truly relational model that helps your child develop their own sense of identity that is authentic to themselves; but also in a way that helps them to become a successful and healthy adult.

Ashcreek residential treatment center in Utah


Once the young men can develop their own identity and moral compass, we next start to challenge them and push them outside of their comfort zones. This allows them to be exposed to things that they may not have seen as possible before. We see a lot of growth through this process and deeper insight.

As guardians, we will expect you to challenge your own thoughts and patterns as well and delve deeper into family dynamics. The healing process that happens together is truly something magical.

Campfire at Ashcreek residential treatment center in Utah


While we are working on students interacting with all types of personalities here on campus and in our local community; the work they do with their family is the most impactful.

Action, not words is what we are looking for. Can they have insight AND implement it?

As a family, you will receive family therapy each week- as well as parent coaching calls with your primary therapist. Your child will be working through individual therapy, group therapy, experiential therapy, and specialty groups as well. The healing as a whole family unit is extremely important.

For Help Call: (435) 215-0500 Kris Archer- Director of Admissions/ Outreach
In the next 24 hours a member of our team will reach out to you. We want to know more about what you are struggling with and help you determine if our program is a good fit.

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