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Therapy with Skilled Professionals

Individualized, Family-Focused, Relationally Driven, Trauma-Informed Care

Therapy at Ashcreek Academy

We Believe that Each Young Man has Incredible Potential

Ashcreek Academy treats each young man who is admitted to the program with dignity and respect, while providing a safe environment in which to heal. Utilizing their substantial experience in working with adolescent boys, the Clinical Team at Ashcreek has created an environment that fosters such respect.

We believe that each student has incredible potential that is hampered by students struggles with anger, poor coping skills, disrespect, low self-confidence, and a lack of accountability.

Our therapists use concepts from a variety of different empirically studied approaches: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Structural/strategic family therapy, Experiential Therapy, Bowenian Family Therapy, Gestalt Therapy,  Solution-Focused Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing (MI).

Our campus Ashcreek residential treatment center in Utah

At Ashcreek Academy we want to maximize the level of care that our clients get, that is why our therapy is:

Ashcreek Academy Therapy Focus

Relationally Based

Part of what makes Therapy at Ashcreek unique, is that our therapist’s offices are in the home, and that allows our therapists to build relationships by working side-by-side each day with the students in their daily activities. At Ashcreek, we know how powerful healthy relationships can be for inspiring change in our students. That is why it is part of our program to encourage the mentors, teachers, administration, and the therapists to build relationships with our boys.

As the boys build relationships with us while they are at Ashcreek, they get to practice in real time everything that they are learning. It provides a safe place where they can mess up in a relationship and be able to talk about why what they did was good or why it could be worked on. Offending someone they care for can have a powerful effect on the boys, and the relationships they build can be great learning opportunities. 

Not only do we focus on building relationships with the boys, but the boys are able to build relationships with the other students as well. This can be very powerful because the boys can learn a couple of lessons through this. One lesson they can learn is that their actions can affect their peers for good and for bad. Another lesson they can learn is how to serve and lead others. Also, having great relationships with their peers can be comforting as the boys go through some difficult changes during the therapeutic process. 

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Relationally Based Therapy - Ashcreek Academy residential treatment center in Utah

Family Focused: Repairing and Rebuilding the Family Dynamic

At Ashcreek Academy we realize that having your son here impacts not just him, but the entire family. Because of this, it is extremely important that the family be an active participant in the treatment process in order to ensure long-term success. This will be accomplished by being involved in the following:

  • Participating actively in family therapy each week
  • Participating in family workshops- learning practical skills to support the recovery process. The workshops will also be used to assist the family in creating a successful transition from treatment back into the home.
  • Weekly social calls with the family as prescribed by the primary therapist.

Support Services Available

  • Parent Coaching
  • Home Studies
  • After Care Services and Planning

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Family Focused Ashcreek Academy - Residential treatment center in Utah

Trauma-Informed Care

Each individual that comes into our care often has experienced some sort of trauma. Contrary to popular belief, traumatic experiences that cause long-lasting trauma don’t only consist of major negative events like abuse or life-threatening situations. Trauma can also be caused by seemingly less significant events such as bullying, financial stress or even fender benders. At Ashcreek, we understand that this is the case and that each individual that comes into our care may have experienced some sort of trauma, however major that may be.

Seeing things through this trauma-informed lens allows us to see behaviors from a different perspective. This understanding also allows us to get to the root of the issue instead of merely scratching the surface. Trauma affects how each individual sees the world and how they act in their relationships.

We use this knowledge to look for certain signs that trauma may have occurred in our client’s lives as we build relationships with them. Some signs that we look for to identify possible trauma are:

    • Push/Pull behavior in relationships
    • Other behavioral patterns that arise in relationships
    • Self-Medicating
    • Extremely disorganized attachment patterns
    • Lack of insight in relationships
    • Defensiveness
    • Avoidant behaviors
    • Extremely impulsive behaviors without insight into possible consequences

These behaviors do not necessarily mean that the individual has experienced trauma. However, they are indicators that there might be, and the appearance of these behaviors gives our skilled clinicians insight into the possible trauma that our clients may have experienced that is lying underneath the surface.  

We care about each of our clients and understand that many of their behaviors are a result of unresolved trauma in their lives. Ashcreek is designed in a way that not only individualizes the treatment for each individual according to their existing trauma, and in a way that also prevents further trauma from occurring while they are here. 

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Trauma Informed Care

Looking at things through a trauma-informed lens allows us to see behavior from a different persepctive.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Everyone that we treat is unique and as a result has unique needs. What is immediately important for one person might not be as important for another in that moment. Individualized treatment plans allow for a student to be helped with the most important things for them as soon as possible. 

Many programs employ what is called a level system. In this level system a client starts on the first level and then works their way up doing only the assignments that are within that particular level. We have stepped away from this approach in order to give us more freedom to meet each client and family where they are at.

As our therapists get to know the boys and see how they act in the community and in relationships, and as they get an understanding of the family dynamic, our therapists begin to understand what each boy needs and begins to create a treatment plan accordingly. As a result, some kids will be doing certain therapeutic assignments at the beginning of their stay while other students do those same assignments 3 months into treatment, and vice versa. 

One of the problems that programs run into is having the boys buy into what is being said. Individualized treatment plans are more easily supported by the boys. This is because they feel they have more of a say in what their treatment is. The therapist is able to take what the boy wants and what the boy needs and try and align them to help cultivate a desire in the client. In our experience, this has been very helpful when trying to help our boys buy into their treatment plan and helps mitigate resistance. This is because the client gets to work on what they want to work on while still staying within their needs as dictated by the therapist. 

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Individualized Treatment

The treatment services provided to each student will include the following:

  • 3 hours with primary therapist split between individual and family therapy, and parent coaching.
  • Daily group therapy that addresses the following issues: trauma, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, anger, light substance use, academic struggles, grief and loss associated with death, divorce, adoption and attachment issues, family and relationship challenges, leadership principles, and application of what they learn in their daily lives and relationships.
  • Experiential therapy and adventure opportunities throughout the week
  • We utilize the horses at Ashcreek through Engagement, Challenge, Nurture, and Structure- horses are a great tool to reflect back on the way our students engage in the world.
  • For individuals with addiction issues- there are weekly addictions groups and meetings as prescribed. The students are exposed to many different modalities for recovery.
  • Relapse prevention and education programs
  • Psychiatric services on a regular basis
  • Quarterly on-site parent-child workshops
  • On-site nursing care on a weekly basis
Group Activity at Ashcreek residential treatment center in Utah

We believe that each student has incredible potential that is hampered by students struggles with anger, poor coping skills, disrespect, low self-confidence, and a lack of accountability.

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